Waging War


Like most parents, I would do just about anything for my kids. I also tend to back them  up whenever they are having a hard time, as long as they are behaving properly.

My ten year old is a bit of a handful. She is very bright and gets bored easily and loves to chat, even if she’s in class. Usually it isn’t that big of a deal but this year it has been different.

Her teachers sucks. I say that as a parent but also as a teacher. One of the things I hate as a teacher is when they constantly kick kids out of class. Now I’ve for sure done it so I’m not saying that if you’re a teacher and you kick kids out that somehow you’re a bad teacher, but if it’s happening all the time, then you can’t manage the students and that is a problem that needs to be resolved. Her teacher kicks kids out nearly every day. And not just one or two, a bunch of them. I almost feel like she’s just kicking them out so she can pawn the kids she doesn’t like onto another teacher or the principal so she can teach the few kids who survived the hunger games of 5th grade.

Here’s the deal. She has been crushing my daughter’s spirit all year. She accused her of cheating without having any evidence. Gave her a minus point for “doing nothing” during free time she had to earn in the first place. Another time she got a minus point because she cheered when she found a book in her reading level. The library is a trailer by the way.

Recently she got an F on a science project that she turned in early and the only explanation was that “it was cute but it didn’t follow the scientific method.” It did. She had a hypothesis, research, experiment, analysis and a conclusion. It wasn’t an A project but it was for sure not an F. What teacher gives a kid who does the entire project on her own (I monitored and consulted but did not do any of the work) an F?

So then she kicked my daughter out of class and sent her to the principal’s office this week because my girl was upset after getting her recess time taken away and put in headphones to listen to music so she could calm down and focus to do her work. The teacher kicked her out.

So it’s on now. I thought I was going to be able to ride out the rest of the year but this is ridiculous. Why does she insist on power struggles with 5th graders? Why is she kicking kids out all the time so they now miss instruction time? None of it is ok. Let the games begin.

I got my daughter’s back. Now and always.


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