The Love!

Glad I got them white boards for their rooms! ❤️


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because every child needs a hero

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Recent Posts: The Sureshot

Poem: Scars

I walked through the fire It was my funeral pyre You said you were my ally But all your words a lie You told me “keep going” Said you’d be loving But in the end The wounds will mend The scars remain forever

Reduced to Dust

A hard, thick, stubborn Rock stood strong immovable powerful inspirational Able to resist storms all season long. The Rock remained unchanged for ages always solid always hardy always present Was always there through weather changes. The Rock didn’t fret as a storm approached storm raged storm roared storm struck Storm attacked and the Rock broke. […]

The Rock

The Rock Always, it’s there Strong and immovable Though wind and waves crash against it It stands the test of time, everlasting Through good times and bad you endured So tough, strong and fearless You were always there My Dadd

Poem: Fallen Tree

Fallen tree How mightily You stood against the weather Leaves so round Litter the ground None of us lasts forever Did your time Like all your kind Be once more together

Excerpt from “The Monster in the Woods”

Join the adventure and get this fantastic short story The Monster in the Woods today on kindle or in print As the fire crackled, the soft meat of their meal began to sizzle, sending a sweet scent into the air that enticed the men. Their mouths began to water while their lunch neared preparedness. Right […]

Recent Posts: Poems No One Cares About


I’ve made a command decision to finally post everything on one blog rather than split everything into three separate blogs. It was a bit silly to begin with and with me trying to be a real writer and be as efficient as possible so I don’t need to maintain 3 blogs. One is probably enough. […]

TBT: Battle of Oneself

The roads stretch on and on all around, Dry and hot for miles not a single sound. Thoughts bounce in the skull with much speed, Contemplating the most current and basic need. Don’t halt the inevitable journey for long, Soon tired ears will fill with lovely song. Keep treading and the body will always reach, […]

TBT: Fuel for the body

Energy cold, pure and full of potential, Is in this world deathly essential. Energy makes our fast moving cars go, Our tractors for our fields sow, Our powerful planes soar through the heavens, Our ships sail through the seas of seven. Still the most important fuel comes from the heart. Strong legs can take a […]

Why are you Awake?

Little boys little boys, why are you awake? Could you do your dad a favor, and sleep until 8? Little boys little boys, what is it you are doing? Is there really something so important, that you are pursuing? Little boys little boys, could you at least make some coffee? Maybe even teach yourselves, to […]

Been a While

It’s been a while Since you’ve hurt me this badly It was just a matter of time sadly When I needed you, you weren’t here You were out with friends drinking beer And more? How will I ever know? I guess it wasn’t even that long ago That you blew me off and blew someone […]


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